Romance Covers

Spring Series - $300 (Full Set Only)
Spring Series Premade Covers
Sports Series - $300 (Full Set Only)
Sports Series Premade Covers
Untamed Mpreg Series - $300 (Full Set Only)
Untamed Mpreg Series Covers

Pre-made Details

Our pre-made ebook covers are available for purchase at a discount compared to our custom designs. To purchase a pre-made cover, complete the form below. Any minor changes like titles, series titles, author names, author accolades — ‘USA Today Bestselling Author,’ etc — are free. More major changes such as swapping the backgrounds, models, textures, etc. may be subject to an additional charge, depending on the time and work required to make the changes.

Once we receive your request for a pre-made cover, we’ll send you a PayPal invoice for the full amount due. After that’s paid, we’ll get to work on your requested changes, if applicable, and send a copy of the completed image for your review within five business days — often less. If you have any additional requests for changes, they may require up to two business days to complete and may be subject to additional fees depending on how much work we need to do to make the changes.

When your cover is complete with all your requested changes, we’ll email you with a full resolution .jpeg file (1800 x 2700 pixels).

​Once you request a pre-made cover from us and pay in full, we’ll remove it from sale. We never resell our pre-made covers — once you buy it, it’s yours and yours alone.

We’re also happy to create additional covers in the style of any pre-made series you might buy. We provide additional covers at the same rates as our Standard eBook Cover package.